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Dear Colleagues and Family Members,


FML World is an initiative to share our views of compassion and companionship with every member of the family connected to us.


It is our world, of which you are a very significant part.


It will give you exclusive access to different services ranging from updates on the company’s initiatives, health benefits being launched in various parts of the world for our seafarers and their family members, Training events, Seminars, Ship tracking facilities, sharing updates about our families to news about employee promotions, Safe R+ awards and family engagement events. Kids are an important part of our world and we invite all kids to participate actively by sending their contributions for sketches, poems, photographs or just jokes!


The site also includes information on existing job opportunities and other useful news from around the world.


We reiterate our goal to maintain the positive and nurturing environment within the company, keeping an open door policy, striving towards the path of sustainable growth and the general well-being of all its employees.


On a concluding note I just wanted to let you know on behalf of the entire organization that the hard work and efforts you have put in are not going unnoticed. Each one of you is an essential and precious part of the organization. I appreciate your dedication and service, and I know others do too.


This is your very own community of comrades all across the globe….the FML World and we welcome you all!



Kishore Rajvanshy


Managing Director

Fleet Management Limited


You can visit our corporate website at